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ORB has the capability to roll out projects with end-to-end responsibility starting from Engineering Design to Systems Integration, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Documentation. Our projects are integrated solutions with equipments procured from various vendors across the world meeting stringent quality standards and safety requirements. ORB also carries out operation and maintenance of systems deployed for the customer to ensure excellent availability with Zero down time. ORB support goes beyond installation and commissioning of the system by providing after sales service till the end of life of the integrated system.

Cost/Feasibility Analysis

A feasibility study looks at the viability of a project with an emphasis on identifying potential problems. An anlysis and evaluation  of the proposed project is done to determine if it is technically feasible and will be cost-effective. The companies which manufacture the requisite products are identified and negotiations are carried out to procure them at a competitive price.

Testing and Commissioning

Testing and commissioning is done by our engineers who are experts in the field with the support of specialists from the respective Principal Companies from where the products are procured. 

Engineering Design

Engineering Design involves creating and delivering innovative, useful, reliable and technical solutions to meet project requirements. The engineering design process is a methodical series of steps. The overall system configuration is defined, and schematics, diagrams, and layouts provide tangible information about the project . 

As Built Documentation

As Built documentation serves as an important hands on reference for the customer. It gives complete and accurate details of all the facets of the project. The As-built drawings and documents are done by our CAD Engineers with absolute precision. 

Installation Services

Installation is carried out by our team of experienced Engineers and technicians who are well trained to perform the job accurately, as per the project specifications. We ensure timely completion of the project, while adhering to the industry standards HSE Standards and ensuring high quality workmanship.

Warranty Support / AMC

At ORB, we believe that our role does not end with execution and commissioning of the project. We understand the importance of Warranty Support and attend promptly to any support issues. We also take up Annual maintenance of our projects, if so required, to give you trouble free operation at all times. 


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