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About us

ORB COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK LLC is a Telecom and Security System Integrator company loaded with Techno-Commercial and Project Management skills. We started operations with our focus on providing Telecom solutions primarily to  the Oil & Gas sector in Oman.


With proven efficiency, unflinching confidence and excellent rapport with customers, Telecom and Security equipment manufacturers and system integrators in the market, we have established a name for ourselves in Oman, and are poised for big growth in the coming years. Our long-term goal is to become a large-scale systems integrator serving customers in Telecom and Security fields.


With a dedicated team of Telecom, Sales and CAD engineers, we have achieved a steady and sustained growth, and have succeeded in developing a trusted relationship with customers.


Our Professional Skills include:


♦ Engineering Design and Implementation of ADSS/OPGW FO Cable System.

♦ Engineering Design and Implementation of UG/Above Ground FO Cable System.

♦ Project Management, Implementation and Commissioning of Turnkey Telecom Projects

♦ Engineering Design of Terrestrial Microwave Links for Telecom and Broadcast Applications.

♦ Engineering Design and Implementation of Digital Surveillance System (CCTV/IDS/ACS Systems)


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